Don’t we sometimes feel that enamel is in charge of how our sparkly white teeth turn out? The truth of the matter is the actual culprit is Dentin as it has a direct influence on the shade of our teeth. How can dental staffing experts help us break down the myths around what causes discoloration and the role enamel plays in our lives?

Did you know that enamel is just a transparent substance that can easily get discolored due to the consumption of an excessive amount of tea, cola or coffee?

What Role Does Enamel Play?

For one, it is the shield that protects our teeth against the effects of daily biting, chewing, grinding, and crunching.

Although enamel is the hardest tissue, it tends to split and chip. One of the primary functions would be to guard our teeth against fluctuating temperatures.

Therefore, when enamel wears out, we have to contend with a dental condition called tooth sensitivity. Compared to a bone that breaks, once a tooth breaks or chip off, that is pretty much the end of it.

The Effect Erosion Has on Our Teeth

Similar to rainfall that erodes the landscape;  acidic beverages turn out to be the main culprit of enamel disintegration. Over contributing factors would be:

  • Too many sodas.
  • Drinking too much natural fruit juices.
  • A severe lack of saliva that results in dry mouth symptoms
  • Conventional medicines

While all of the above tend to influence the eroding issue strongly we often have to deal with, other known causes for teeth eroding would be:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Brushing your teeth too vigorously.
  • Fracturing our teeth, which can happen when you eat your nails or try to open a beer bottle using your teeth.
  • Eating acidic substances as it will corrode, and erode your enamel in time to come.
  • Also, it has been discovered that regular vomiting can erode your enamel as it releases acid.

It is essential that we keep our mouth wet and maintain a consistent flow of saliva. Doing so is helpful in keeping our mouth healthy and our teeth strong as it covers our enamel with calcium, making it healthy.

Grants Pass Dental Practitioner Sheds Light on the Effect Plaque Has on Erosion

Before we touch on the effects plaque has on eroding our teeth away, we need to know what it is. Plaque is a sticky substance made out microscopic organisms, spit, and sustenance particles. It is one a hopeless condition that enters the small gaps and pits in our molars. On numerous occasions, the microbes present in plaque change starch into acid and attack the veneer.

Signs Leading up to Enamel Erosion

We need to give attention to the signs that lead to enamel erosion and take the necessary action to prevent some of the following disasters:

  1. Cracked and chipped teeth
  2. Sensitive teeth
  3. Discolored teeth

All these are signs that ultimately leads to tooth decay and cavities. We must do our utmost to prevent it from happening.

How Do We Prevent Enamel Erosion?

Dentists experts advocate that we keep your mouth as healthy as possible. It is a case of going back to basics through regular brushing and flossing of our teeth to avoid plaque formation.

Other good habits to develop, include:

  • Staying clear of acidic foods as much as we can
  • Using a straw when drinking soft drinks. Besides, we are on a drive to save the environment.
  • Not smoking or drinking tea straight after a meal, but instead chew sugar-free gum
  • Drink water frequently so you may stay hydrated and avoid dry mouth symptoms
  • Using Fluoride based toothpaste.

Applying these techniques in our lives will ensure we have a healthy mouth that leads to healthy teeth. Using the advice given by expert dental professionals in Grants Pass will bring about enormous benefits worthy of pursuing regularly.

As we get older, we tend to neglect to look after our teeth and fall victim to bad eating habits that spoil our mouth and teeth. By following the timely advice so kindly provided, we can make a difference and educate others about the importance of taking good care of their dental health.

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